Mooner App Launched

Mooner App Pte Ltd has launched its flagship app on both the Google Play & Apple App Stores. Mooner app is a service booking application to match service providers to service seekers. It boasts a variety of unique selling points such as its not […]

MNR Lists On Coinstore Exchange

What problem is the Mooner trying to solve and what is $MNR? Mooner is a location-based service application powered by blockchain technology. Mooner Service Booking Mobile Application is an UBER for services. User credentials, earnings, and incentives are managed on decentralized blockchains. All users […]

Mooner App Pte Ltd is launching its utility token MNR on LATOKEN Exchange

Mooner App will be Launching its mobile app in the first quarter of 2022 with MNR being the utility token used in transactions that occur on the mobile app. The mobile app is a location based service app, where users can seek and provide […]

Global Alliances, Pune India, Exceeds Expectations on Mooner Tokens

Mooner App Pte Ltd Singapore, which is developing its flagship application Mooner, to tackle the high unemployment issues globally is proud to have gone into its exclusive partnership with Global Alliances. Outsourcing our token allocation event to Global Alliances, was the best thing we […]

Global Alliances, Pune India, Exceeds Expectations on Mooner Tokens

Mooner App is a multi service booking application that is set to revolutionize the entire gig economy. The features the app are eons ahead of how current similar platforms are functioning.

Mooner App Pte Ltd to Use Binance Smart Chain to Manage Transactions

Mooner App is testing it's own minted MNR token to be used within its revolutionary mobile application, Mooner. All transactions within the Mooner App, which will be available for download on Android and Apple devices is set to launch in Singapore

Mooner App Pte Ltd to Launch Service Booking Mobile App

Mooner App Pte Ltd is developing a technology forward mobile application to rival big players who dominate Singapore’s gig economy. The Mooner App which will be available for Apple and Android devices will go head to head for market dominance in Singapore.