How It All Started

We saw 2 underlying problems and decided to address them.
Firstly, unemployment. Post Covid-19, unemployment is at its highest and set to reach unprecedented figures in the coming years. Singapore itself has seen eight thousand entities wind up their businesses.

Across the globe, surveys indicate lower income, savings, and spending. In most countries, 50 to 60 percent of people say that they fear for their own jobs and have less than 4 months of savings. Automation and A.I. further impacts employment.

The second problem we wanted to solve is for traditional service rendering businesses. Primitive modus operandi simply does not work in this current era. Consumers want immediate, reliable, verified, and rated services in an almost instant manner. Current processes involve the prospect to manually search for service vendors online, receive a quotation, stipulated by vendors before being able to engage their services.

We had a radical idea to change this and here we are!

People fear what they don’t quite understand so we took the thinking away from the equation. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies may seem like a scary concept. One where you might lose your saving and hard earned money.

We have radically incorporated our token MNR to be the core of our application. There will be zero risk to our users and only additional perks. For example, when a service provider performs a job for $100 dollars. We credit $100 in MNR into their wallet.

When they cash out their earning, if for some reason it falls below the $100, we will absorb the loss. In the event it increases, we will split the difference.



Radical Business Model
Reward Centric
Perpetual Earnings
Decentralized Blockchain Tech
Legacy Planning (Pension)

Radical Approach

First ``Pension`` Planning

Free To Register

Sophisticated design

Incentive Program - Refer To Earn

Decentralized Blockchain Tech

Location Based Alerts

Regular Updates

Well Documented API

Social platforms integrated

Innovative Functions

Clear Vision

Mooner App is the only app you’re gonna need. Whether it’s picking up your food order, commuting, ordering a massage, handyman or even a baby sitter you can find that someone in the quickest way.

We like to call it the “right now” service. An on-demand service serving Singapore and plans to expand across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Our aim is to enable everyone to be self-employed and supplement their current income. The regular Joe who owns a drill could finally match with someone who needs a hole drilled in their wall.

Our techs have also figured out a way to spread our marketing dollars to the supporters of the app. We will stay true to this philosophy and find ways to incentives and reward our users.

Having true financial freedom and recurring passive income is at the core of our believes. We are all about enabling as many people and families along our way.


Mooner HQ

54, Maude Road Townshend

Building #02-06

Singapore (208346)

Tel: +65 6519 0079